EFSI supports the Paris Climate Agreement

sEFSI supports the Paris Climate Agreement

By Ingemar Pongratz


World leaders met in Paris and agreed to take extensive action to tackle the global problem associated with global warming and climate change.

The Paris agreement is a critical milestone in the global efforts to reduce the effects of global warning and climate change.

In Paris, representatives of 175 countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to transform the global economy and the global energy to a more sustainable model.

To meet these challenges and to transform the energy sector towards the use of sustainable energy sources such as solar or wind power, we will see a considerable need to develop new technical solutions.

These solutions should eventually reduce the amount of emission of greenhouse gas and therefore EU will need to provide considerable investments in new energy models based on renewable sources.


The Parliament Magazine published recently an  article from the EU Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action  Mr Miguel Arias Cañete. Mr Arias Canete states that the EFSI fund will provide part the necessary funds to finance the European transition to a sustainable energy sector.

The EFSI fund (European Fund for Strategic Investment) will provide additional funds to support European economy and European SME’s. EFSI provides funds to invest in new products and services. One of the key criteria to obtain funding from EFSI is that the investments should support the transition to a green economy. Commissioner Arias Canete points out that EFSI is well suited to support the Paris agreement and points out that several projects in the renewable sector have already received EFSI support.

Taken together Commissioner Arias Canete expects that EFSI will contribute with close to 9 billion EUR to the  European renewable sector.


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Nacka Alta by Ingemar Pongratz
Nacka Alta by Ingemar Pongratz
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