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International collaboration in Horizon 2020 Health topics

International collaboration in Horizon 2020 Health topics

By Ingemar Pongratz

The future Health topics in the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation funding scheme includes several interesting topics. We have recently discussed the topics dealing with effects of chemical contaminants and industrial chemical on human health. But there are also other areas that should attract considerable attention. Here we focus on International collaboration in Horizon 2020 Health topics.

True to previous years, the Horizon 2020 scheme includes topics with considerable focus on international collaboration. One key areas calls for collaboration with China. Previous collaboration between European researchers and their Chinese counterparts is low and the European Commission is eager to increase the ties between Chine and the EU. There are several topics that specifically mention collaboration with China such as HCO-01-2018 / 2019 and HCO-11-2018. This topic aims to develop platforms to facilitate collaboration with China on Health challenges which benefit from China-EU collaboration.

In addition, the recent ratification of the EU Canada trade agreement is followed up with a specific topic BHC-05-18 or HCO-01-2018 / 2019 in the personalised medicine e-Health area.


Other topics that include international collaboration include for example HCO-03-2018 (International collaboration on eHealth)

Horizon 2020 Health topics includes also calls for collaboration with researchers from the Russian Federation (BHC-21-2018) in the area of HIV, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis infections.

An important area for this Horizon 2020 work Programme is also international collaboration through international authorities such as OECD and / or WHO, in particular in the area of antibiotic resistance. Obviously this topic is critical for future generations. The number of bacterial strains which display resistance to the current battery of antibiotics is ever increasing and it is important to develop new antibiotics and new strategies to tackle bacterial strain. Hopefully, the topics will include strategies that tackle the regulatory aspects of this problem. Recently, we reported that EU scientist have developed alternatives to antibiotics  in the animal sector, but the main challenge is at the regulatory stage, where companies encounter difficulties in the regulatory process to market their products.

In any case the 2018-2020  Horizon 2020 Work Progamme is filled with interesting opportunities.

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Horizon 2020 and International Collaboration
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