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International Collaboration in Framework Programme 9

International Collaboration in Framework Programme 9

By Ingemar Pongratz


The European Commission planning process towards the successor of Horizon 2020 in well underway and more and more information is being released regarding Framework Programme 9. Framework Programme 9 will start in 2021 after the end of Horizon 2020.

One are under discussion is regarding future International Collaboration in Framework Programme 9

At the moment, the information available is not official, official European Commission information will be available later in 2018, when the Impact Assessment is made official.

However, the draft documents provide interesting reading.

The information available suggests that international collaboration will remain a European Research priority. However, information also suggests that Framework Programme 9 will only provide direct funding for low and middle income countries. Highly developed countries will only receive funding in exceptional cases, for example when research outcomes benefit the European Union. This is of course possible bad news for the United Kingdom. Very recently as we have reported previously, the UK government indicated that the UK is interested to become an Associated Country in Framework Programme 9.

However, The Guardian has reported that the conditions that the EU will propose to the UK are not very generous and the costs for Third Countries to join Framework Programme 9 will be rather expensive.

According to the information available, Third Countries and their companies will not have access to funding through the European Innovation Council.


We have previously reported that the European Innovation Council is expected to provide dedicated support for SME, including fast and flexible grants and loans for entrepreneurs.

Also, the European Commission has expressed concern regarding the access of sensitive information between the European research community and Third Country researchers.

It is thus very interesting to follow further developments in this area in the close future


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Mariatorget by Ingemar Pongratz
Mariatorget by Ingemar Pongratz


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