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New Horizon Europe rules raise international concern

New Horizon Europe rules raise international concern

By Ingemar Pongratz


The preparations for Horizon Europe are currently underway. We have reported on developments such as the budget for Horizon Europe, the future of the European Innovation Council and other developments that are currently ongoing.

Like with the ongoing Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, Horizon Europe includes openings for international research collaboration. However, the European Parliament has discussed whether the new Research Programme should not focus more on EU issues and problems and include a more focused approach on EU policy.


This and other developments have caused concerned among European countries outside the EU. For example, Science|Business reports that recent draft proposals place both Israel and Switzerland as third countries which would only be eligible for EU funding under exceptional circumstances.

In addition, other drafts exclude automatic participation of these countries in the forthcoming European Innovation Council (EIC)

In contrast, countries with the European Economic Area, such as Norway would still benefit of participation in the Horizon Europe programme as Norway does under Horizon 2020. However, in light of the complicated Brexit negotiations current ongoing, there is concern that the Norwegian access to Horizon Europe may encounter limitations in the future.


These countries argue, that limitations would only weaken European research excellence and weaken European competitiveness at the global arena. In addition, there is concern that the EU-UK negotiations may result in future problems. Currently, the UK is one of the main recipients of EU research funding, and there is concern that this will create a considerable imbalance in the future when and if Brexit is fully negotiated.

In addition, there are wordings that if Third Countries or countries outside the EU are too successful in securing European research funding, special mechanisms will kick in and increase the financial contributions that these countries have to make to the Horizon Europe scheme.

Taken together it is not strange that countries that are net recipients of EU research funding, like Israel and Switzerland are concerned that these countries will have to increase their financial contribution to Horizon Europe. At the same time, these countries contribute to European scientific excellence and this benefits Europe as a whole.


Obviously, the stage is set for lengthy negotiations between the EU and these countries in the immediate future.


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Coffeelights by Ingemar Pongratz
Coffeelights by Ingemar Pongratz


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